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Sunday, October 23, 2005

[ALI] Wal-Mart shows RFID gains

                                    Bagaimana perkembangan RFID saat ini? Dunia logistik banyak yang menunggu hasil dari kebijakan Wal*Mart yang mewajibkan para supplier terbesarnya untuk menggunakan teknologi ini.  Baca selanjutnya di bawah.


Wal-Mart says RFID is helping the retail giant make dramatic improvements in delivering goods to customers. However, IT research company Gartner says potential RFID adopters still need to proceed with caution.

Wal-Mart has announced a study conducted for Wal-Mart by the University of Arkansas that found a 16 percent drop in out-of-stock (OOS) merchandise at RFID-equipped stores due to better in-store stock management. OOS items with elec-tronic product codes (EPCs) were replenished three times faster than comparable items using standard bar-code technology.

Gartner praised the work, with reservations. "Gartner believes that Wal-Mart's analysis of its RFID project is the most vital work now being done in retail RFID," Gartner said. "Interest has centered on RFID's potential to transform retail - if the technology works. Now, with Wal-Mart's systematic business-case analysis about what RFID can actually do, we believe the industry will move from fascination with RFID to justifying its intrinsic worth to the business."

Still, Gartner had some questions about the study, such a lack of information on how much of the OOS reduction occurred in control groups.

"If Wal-Mart addresses these issues, we expect manufacturer resistance to this RFID project to decrease substantially, though not to disappear completely," Gartner said. "Don't accelerate RFID adoption time frames based on this data. The study will advance RFID, but movement won't be dramatic and has already been built into most adoption time frames."

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