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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

[ALI] [INFO] The SCOR Model Implementation Workshop, Special Price for Registration before Nov 2, 2005


Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia is proud to present:

The SCOR Model Implementation Workshop


The SCOR Model was first introduced to the industry more than five years ago
and has very quickly become a de facto standard for supply chain design and
adopted for implementation by many Fortune 500 companies globally. While the
Model itself (now at Version 7.0) has achieved some stability in terms of
its content and depth, what has been missing is a simple, yet comprehensive
methodology that will maximize the knowledge base that is contained in

Like any business process reengineering effort, the task can be very
daunting as it involves an enterprise-level undertaking often involving
cross-functional involvement that spans not only the internal departments of
an enterprise, but also the external parties like suppliers, service
providers, customers, etc. In short, it is an effort that has far-reaching
impact not only on the enterprise itself but also on its partners and
customers. Hence, it becomes very critical that the implementation process
from pre-planning right through execution is well understood and practiced.

The workshop details the SCOR-model with particular emphasis on metrics,
reviews implementation strategy and methodology, and uses a business case
study to provide attendees with actual practice. Attendees will be able to
gain the following benefits:

. Understand how to develop and use the SCOR Model that is adopted by many
Fortune 500 companies worldwide in order to improve your company's supply
chain operations.

. Build your own metrics and learn how to calculate ROI and perform
justification for a logistics or supply chain investment, as well as how to
integrate your benchmark result back into your operations.

. Link business objectives to Logistics & Supply Chain configuration and

. How to define supply chain improvement opportunities based on SCOR
benchmarking results

. Measure and track your company's supply chain management improvements


Day One
. Supply Chain Overview - Designing & Crafting the Right Supply Chain
. The SCOR Model Overview

Day Two
. Model Detail & Structure
. Understanding SCOR Metrics & Best Practices
. Mapping Your Supply Chain Using the SCOR Model

Day Three
. Understanding & Applying the SCOR Project Road Map
. Building the Foundation - Ensuring Organizational Support
. Putting Together the Business Context Document & The Project Charter
. Analyzing the Basis of Competition
. Defining the metrics and setting benchmarks
. Constructing the Gap Analysis

Day Four
. Designing the Material Flow
. Validating the gap analysis
. Disconnect and Opportunity Analysis
. Initiating the To Be material & Information flows

Day Five
. How to conduct the Baseline Business Blueprint
. TO Be Productivity Improvement
. How to conduct the ROI Analysis

Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all participants who have
successfully completed this course in their group


This course is designed for Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers,
Supervisors, IT Managers, Financial Controllers, Third Party Logistics
Providers, Import/Export Firms and Consultants who are involved in providing
and developing strategies for company supply chains.


Ramlee Ibrahim, Ph.D, CIRM

Dr. Ramlee has over two decades of industry experience in shipping,
manufacturing, retail and technology. He has strong domain knowledge of
logistics, materials management, procurement and fulfillment. Prior to
founding his own practice, Ramlee was Chief Operating Officer at SNT Group
of Companies and is currently an Executive Advisor to the group. His other
previous experience includes senior positions at Vsource Inc, Modus Media
International, FJ Benjamin Ltd, ICI Specialties, Union Carbide, and Neptune
Orient Lines.

He has also worked with industry leaders such as Dell, Microsoft, 3Com,
Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Malaysian Newsprint Industries, POS Malaysia,
Network Appliance Inc., Singapore Airlines, and others in implementing SCM
and SCOR.

Ramlee is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is often a features
speaker at executive seminars. He holds a Ph.D from Rice University and he
is Certified in Industrial Resource Management from APICS. He is also a
founding member of the South East Asia Chapter of the Supply Chain Council
and currently serves in the Chapter's board.

Public participant: Rp. 10.000.000,-/person
Member of ALI or Group min. 3 person: Rp. 9.200.000,-/person
Early bird (registration and payment before Nov 2, 2005): Rp.

December 12 - 16, 2005
IPMI Business School
Jl. Rawajati 1, Kalibata


For further information, please contact :
Chrissa Nurhayati
ALI Secretariat
Phone: 021 - 521 0294, 9278 7097
Email: chrissa@ali.web.id

Registration and seat confirmation only upon receipt of registration form
and full payment by 2 December 2005. Walk in participants will not be
entertained. Cancelation before the 25% from administration fee.

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