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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

[ALI] Corporate Freinds ALI

Dear Aliers,

kepada semua ALI member mohon bantuannya untuk menyebarkan/mempromosikan
email ini kepada perusahaan Anda masing-masing,


ALI (Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia - http://www.ali.web.id
<http://www.ali.web.id/> ), is a non profit organization for the Supply
Chain & Logistics profession in Indonesia.  ALI is open to Indonesian
citizens who work as practitioners, academicians, regulation makers, or
observers in the field of supply chain & logistics management. ALI's
membership is individual. ALI was opened to public membership in January

As a non profit organization, ALI opens opportunities to companies to be
ALI corporate friends thru fund contribution, which will be the support
for developing and growing the community of Supply Chain and Logistics
Management field in Indonesia. ALI has formulated regular programs as
the followings: 1-Day Workshops, Half - Day Seminars, Special
Workshops/Trainings, ALI Nite (Members Gatherings), Book/Case reviews,
Research and Study, Etc.

Funds contributed by corporate friends of ALI will be used to support
ALI's activities with compensation of benefits from ALI as the

1. Corporate Friends logos will be incorporated in ALI banner/backdrop
displayed at all ALI regular programs (excluding ALI special events such
as conference & exhibition).
2. Company name mentions at ALI regular programs.
3. A complimentary entry to all ALI regular 'light' programs & special
discount for ALI regular 'heavy' programs (2 or 4 days
4. Placement of corporate electronic logo on ALI Website (size to be
determined by ALI) with link to company's corporate website.
5. Display of company's brochures/trade literature in ALI Office. 6.
Display/distribution of brochures (at registration desk or table of
participants) at all ALI regular programs.
7. Preference/priority to become sponsors of ALI special events such as
conference & exhibition.

Profile of ALI members (per August 2005) based on group of industry:

- Manufactures 30.1%
- Logistics Service Provider 31.6%
- Distributors & Trading 21.1%
- Information Tech. & Telecommunication 7.3 %
- Educations, Consultants & Trade Service 6.5%
- Oil & gas 3.2%
- Properties, Contractors & Equipment Suppliers 2.1%
- Retail & Direct Selling 0.9%
- Others 6.1%

Total ALI Mailing List Member 1.310+Pax
Total ALI Registered members 973+Pax

To know our schedule events, please feel free to visit our website:
http://www.ali.web.id <http://www.ali.web.id/> , click News and Events
(scheduled events), and ALI future events until 2005:

- 28 Sept '05, Book Review: Supply Chain Management, The Top 5
Performance Disciplines
- 19 October '05, ALI Nite - Indologistician gathering: Jakarta
- 6 Dec '05, (Short Course) Advanced Customer Service "Delivering Super
Service", Facilitator in Jakarta: Didi Azhari.
- 12 - 16 Dec '05, 4-Day Supply Chain Performance Measurement &
Benchmarking/SCOR Training, Facilitator in Jakarta: Ramlee Ibrahim, MBA,
MSc, LLB (Hons), CIRM from Singapore
- 8 Dec '05, Small Conference & Exhibition: Logistic Competency, Bapindo

For more information, please contact Chrissa/Susan, Email:
chrissa@ali.web.id / susan@ali.web.id, Phone: 521 0294, 9278 7097

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Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia [ALI]: "turut meningkatkan kualitas SDM Indonesia di bidang profesi logistik dan sebagai wadah komunikasi industri logistik di Indonesia" www.ali.web.id

"Friends of ALI are: Cipta Mapan Logistics"

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