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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

[ALI] [article] DC Floor

Underfoot: the DC Floor
"The floor is often overlooked, which doesn't make sense since it is the
building item that is definitely the most used in a DC," says Bernard
Bouhon, president and CEO of Twintec USA, Inc., based in Mooresville, N.C.
"Little time and money is spent on a concrete slab at the planning and
building stage, but ironically, most finished slabs give DC managers a
lifetime of worries due to repair and maintenance to joints and cracks.
These not only cost a lot of money, but slow down the productivity of the
To prevent flooring from becoming a major headache, Bouhon recommends first
determining what the intended floor use will be and then what your
expectations are for its performance. This requires gathering relevant
information, such as the load the floor must bear-the type of racking
system, the forklift load, the type of wheels, etc. With this information in
hand, the DC manager needs to determine the correct finished floor flatness
and levelness.
Other things to consider are the durability requirements of the slab. "This
means looking at abrasion resistance, impact resistance, possible chemical
attack and other factors," says Bouhon. "This helps determine what type of
finish is required."
Bouhon also recommends reflecting on your prior experience with industrial
slabs and the repairs and maintenance they required. For instance, what are
the main problems with the slabs in your existing facilities? And what is
the yearly maintenance and repair budget?
The main qualities warehouse floor should have, according to Bouhon, are the
*                            Serviceability
*                             High performance floor with a very flat and
level surface
*                             Excellent abrasion resistance
*                            Minimum maintenance by minimizing the number of
joints and/or curling at the joints
*                             Minimal cracking
*                            Flexibility of use
A little short-term pain invested in planning and implementing will lead to
long-term gain with a more comfortable and productive workspace.   

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